Éphéméride Sàrl, Cernier: watch- and jewellery-making services

Entrust your watches and your jewellery to the experience and knowledge of Valérie Miserez

Customising mechanical watch movements

Éphéméride Sàrl customises the appearance of your watch, modifies technical features and reconditions the movement. In addition, Valérie Miserez organises the T1 transit documents for the workshop

Conventional jewellery-making

Using quality materials and precious and semi-precious stones, Valérie Miserez creates bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings...


Éphéméride Sàrl, Cernier: watch- and jewellery-making experts

Having grown up in a family of watchmakers, Valérie Miserez is the third generation of her family to be engaged in watchmaking.

To start with, she trained in sales and marketing before switching career and completing her training in gemmology.

In 2009, she launched out on her own and started her own business. In choosing a name for it, she was inspired by the perpetual calendar and christened it Éphéméride.

Valérie Miserez has worked in watchmaking for many years and has wide experience in finished products, watch movements and trim.

Working with the biggest brands, she has extensive knowledge and experience in watchmaking.

In addition to these services, she offers jewellery-making and works with all types of quality materials as well as - thanks to her gemmology training - precious and semi-precious stones.

She has retained the same client portfolio for five years now, and her reputation for high-quality work is second to none. Her work depends entirely on customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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Practical information

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